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Ahistorynot to be missed


Afuturethat can help

Over the years, the restaurant has gradually emerged as a place where cuisine interacts with other disciplines, such as painting, architecture and botany.

Eating is a cultural act and as such it must embody a recognizable history and heritage.

The past therefore represents the greatest stimulus for planning a future

to be served and able to serve the realization of a cooking ethic.




A forty-year-long history resulting from a symbiosis with the territory, the land and the sea.


Listening to a geography that looks to the east;

the choice of ancient products;

the vision of a modernity;

all this constitutes the patrimony of this family.

Paolo, Simona and Federica have given birth to a company by marking a path where the pursuit of a natural gastronomy, based on the truth of the ingredients, becomes an essential element of their daily work.

Our Staff

Paolo Chiarelli

restaurant manager

After several national and international trips and experiences in the catering field, he returned to Otranto, his hometown, where he started various catering businesses.
In 2013 he opened, together with his wife Simona, the farm restaurant "Il Diavolicchio Goloso". A place where the passion for travel, art and cuisine come together.


Simona Piscozzo

sous chef

Initially a seamstress by training, then Paolo's faithful traveling companion. Together they give life to the "Diavolicchio Goloso"; a family-run business where tradition and quality have always been essential ingredients.


Federica Chiarelli


Since she was a child, Federica was introduced to the art of catering and has participated, over the years, in the evolution of the restaurant.
His role within the family business becomes increasingly important. Today it represents the link between history and the present, embodying the responsibility of a gastronomic and emotional legacy.


Antonio  Saponaro

executive chef

Having joined the Diavolicchio team in recent years, Antonio has from the beginning pursued a cuisine characterized by formal rigor and a clear interpretation of flavours. The use of only quality raw materials enhances his original compositional technique of dishes where simplicity, balance and refinement become inextricable.


Issiaka Camara

chef de rang

A tireless collaborator for several years now, Issiaka represents a point of reference for the Diavolicchio team.


Anna Piscozzo

kitchen commis

Always close to her sister Simona, Anna represents an important figure in the management of raw materials.

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