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Il Diavolicchio Goloso is a place where art, cuisine

and hospitality coexist.

A ten-year history made up of testimonies, encounters and visions constitutes the essential value of the cuisine of our restaurant.

A cuisine where passion, tradition and design are inextricable ingredients of a recipe that is always valid over time.



The vegetable garden garden


Andthe kitchen

One of the most representative places of the restaurant

is the vegetable garden - garden born as a testimony of the passion for the cultivation of edible herbs of the place as well as various vegetables, legumes and fruit trees.

The vegetable garden is thus the place of production, the rediscovery of traditions and contemplation.


The Menu

Tasting the dishes of the cuisine of Diavolicchio Goloso means entering the world of artisanal preparation attentive to raw materials and the culture of the territory.

Seasonal vegetables are grown in the vegetable garden, a place that can be visited in the restaurant spaces; the vast choice of fish, often caught by the owner Paolo himself; the hands of Simona, Paolo's wife, who carefully process the products of the land and the sea;

the culinary rigor of chef Antonio and the hospitality and management of his daughter Federica are essential elements for understanding a family-run kitchen that has been working with passion and commitment for over ten years.

To these elements is added an attentive and prepared staff capable of restoring a domestic dimension and making a refined journey through the flavors of Salento complete, restoring, at the same time, that precious and desired atmosphere of domesticity.

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